How acupressure relieves neck pain

Image of a woman seen from behind holding the back of her neck with her right hand. There is an area highlighted in red on the neck that suggests pain or discomfort in that area.

Neck pain can be a real nuisance, restricting movement and reducing quality of life, and if left unmanaged, can become a serious obstacle to daily life. Fortunately, acupressure is proposed as an effective and natural solution to this common problem. It requires no special equipment and can be practiced anywhere, from the comfort of your home to the office or on the road.

Acupressure, with its roots in traditional Chinese medicine, emerges as an effective solution to address this common discomfort. This practice not only promises pain relief but also offers a path to lasting well-being, and can be applied with ease in a variety of settings.

Acupressure Points for Neck Pain

The first step is to identify the specific points that relieve neck pain. Here are some of the most effective points:

  • Point GB20 (Feng Chi): Located on the sides of the neck, just below the base of the skull. Pressure on these points can relieve neck pain, headaches and eye tension.
Graphic illustration of the back view of a head, with two red dots labeled as GB20 positioned symmetrically in the area below the skull, on either side of the neck, indicating the location of GB20 acupressure points.
  • Point LV3 (Tai Chong): Although located on the foot, between the thumb and index finger, its stimulation is known to reduce neck pain and tension.
Illustration showing two feet with a red point highlighted and labeled LV3 between the thumb and second toe on the left foot. The same area is pressed with the fingers on the right, indicating the exact location and method of acupressure application for the LV3 point.

 Apply pressure: Use your thumb or index finger to apply moderate pressure to these points. Hold the pressure for 1-2 minutes, breathing deeply and maintaining relaxation. Repeat regularly: For best results, repeat the treatment several times a day, especially when you feel tension in your neck increasing.

How to Apply Acupressure

Once you have identified the points, follow these steps:

  1. Sit or lie down in a comfortable position: Make sure you are in a relaxing environment where you can focus on the treatment.
  2. Apply moderate pressure: Use your thumb or index finger to press gently but firmly for 1-2 minutes, breathing deeply.
  3. Circular movements: As you apply pressure, make gentle circular movements to increase the therapeutic effect.
  4. Repeat regularly: For lasting relief, perform these practices regularly, ideally 2-3 times a day.
  5. During work breaks: Take a moment to apply acupressure at your workplace.
  6. Before bed: An evening session can improve sleep quality by reducing neck tension.

Amplifying Effects with Acupressure Tools

For those seeking to optimize their practice, acupressure mats and pillows are valuable resources. These tools are designed to effectively stimulate acupressure points through simple everyday gestures, such as lying down or sitting on them. In fact, our mats and pillows provide the simplest, most relaxing and practical solution available. For people looking for an even more direct and functional method, using these acupressure mats and pillows proves to be the ideal option: just lie down, plaAce the pillow under your neck, and let the tips do their work. Taking time for yourself has never been so beneficial: you can relax while watching television, reading a book, or simply taking a moment to take a break, letting the tips of the accessories work for you, relieving pain and tension in a completely natural and effective way.

Benefits of Acupressure for Neck Pain

  • Reduction of muscle tension: Acupressure helps relax neck muscles, relieving tension and pain.
  • Improved circulation: Stimulation of acupressure points increases blood circulation, promoting healing and overall well-being.
  • Calming effects: Regular acupressure practice can reduce stress and anxiety, often associated with neck pain.
  • Natural analgesic effects: Acupressure, stimulates the release of endorphins, also known as "feel-good hormones." These natural chemicals produced by the brain operate as natural analgesics, reducing the perception of pain and promoting feelings of well-being and relaxation.

A woman is lying on a carpet, with her head resting on a gray neck mat with purple details and the inscription 'vevazen'. The woman has her eyes closed and appears relaxed, is wearing a blue shirt, and is in a room with a wooden floor.

A Healing Path at your fingertips

Acupressure represents a simple and effective method for managing neck pain, incorporate it into your life you can take control of your well-being and say goodbye to neck pain. For those seeking a practical and accessible approach, our acupressure mats and pillows, available on our Vevazen website, can make this practice even more effective. These tools are designed to help you reach the correct acupressure points and maximize pain relief, enabling you to live a healthier, pain-free life.


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