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"Finally, the anxiety and fear I had every night before bed are gone. Now I wake up refreshed and energetic!" - Emma H., USA

Eliminate Insomnia In Just 20 Minutes A Day


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  • Wake up refreshed
  • Fall asleep fast
  • Eliminates anxiety and fear
  • Enhances daily energy
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Eliminate Agonizing Insomnia At Home

In situations of general stress, such as work or family stress, our bodies are under constant pressure.

This stress directly affects the levels of serotonin in our brain, which, in order to cope with this stress, consumes more serotonin than usual, exhausting the reserves of this chemical essential for sleep.

This causes late nights, difficulty falling asleep and anxiety about the inability to fall asleep.

Lying on the Vevazen Mat for just 20 minutes before bed gradually solves the root cause of your sleepless nights by applying gentle pressure on multiple points of the body, promoting seratonin production and helping to restore your natural sleep-wake rhythm.

In this way, thanks to the huge release of seratonin, your brain will be reprogrammed into a new night/day balance, promoting restorative and rejuvenating sleep.

Wake Up Refreshed & Revitalized After A Good Night’s Sleep

We know that insomnia can make every day a challenge. Perhaps you have tried over-the-counter sleep aids and prescription medications, but found only temporary relief.

This is where the Vevazen mat makes a difference. Developed after 15 months of research and testing, this mat offers a unique solution that combines targeted acupressure and nervous system relaxation.

It is easy to use and effective: with just 20 minutes of use before bedtime, late nights filled with incessant thinking and rolling over in bed will begin to transform into nights of deep, rejuvenating sleep.

How It Works

Vevazen's strength lies in its complete lack of side effects or contraindications, combined with its extreme ease of use: simply place the mat down and lie on it before sleeping and relaxing

Using acupressure technology, it helps regulate serotonin levels, promoting a natural balance of the sleep-wake cycle. This process not only helps to reconcile sleep more easily but also contributes to maintaining uninterrupted sleep, thus improving the overall quality of sleep at night.

If you want to take your benefits to the next level, we suggest using Vevazen in the morning right after waking up and in the evening before going to sleep.

Say Goodbye To Insomnia, Anxiety and Fear

Now, think of a tomorrow where waking up is free from frustrations over the inability to fall asleep, anxiety over sleepless nights, misunderstandings, and despair.

Imagine the impact this change would have on your daily mood and on the people close to you.

Imagine finally regaining control over your sleep, allowing you to fully enjoy the activities you love:

- Plan your days exactly as you want

- Spend time with your family

- Go out with friends

- Resume your favorite activities without fatigue

- Return to work with more focus

What Makes This Mat Unique

Now, you might be wondering: what sets this mat apart from the competition? 

The Vevazen mat is covered with a unique design of rounded, painless spikes unlike any other mats on the market, which all have sharp spikes.

The sharp spikes of the competition, intended to relax, may be too intense for those seeking a calming effect, especially when the goal is to facilitate sleep.

Our rounded spikes, on the other hand, provide gentle stimulation of the body's acupressure points without causing additional discomfort, making the Vevazen mat a more inviting and effective solution for those seeking to enhance their sleep quality in a safe and soothing manner.


The Benefits of Vevazen Mat for Insomnia

Vevazen mat significantly improves sleep by delivering gentle pressure that soothes the nervous system and helps regulate seratonin levels, fostering complete mental and physical rest, and aiding in rejuvenation overnight. Many users report that they easily fall asleep while on the mat.

It targets specific body pressure points that, when stimulated, lower cortisol levels, thus promoting relaxation and alleviating stress, which are key to achieving restful sleep.

The mat’s design aids in quicker sleep initiation by creating a calming environment that helps the body transition smoothly into sleep.

By maintaining a calm and relaxed state, the Vevazen mat helps prevent sleep interruptions, enabling deeper and more consistent sleep cycles.

Enhanced blood circulation from the mat’s acupressure effect not only aids in detoxification and oxygenation of the body but also promotes overall relaxation, essential for restorative sleep.

Acupressure with the Vevazen mat provides a holistic approach to improving sleep without side effects, leveraging the body's natural healing processes without the need for drugs or invasive methods.

Just Lie Down And Hello Euphoria

What happens inside your body with the Vevazen mat?

Just Lie Down And Hello Euphoria

What happens inside your body with the Vevazen mat?

60-Day Guarantee Section
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Your Sleep & Health Above All Else
60-Day Money Back Guarantee
60-Days Money-Back Guarantee
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You can try the Vevazen Mat absolutely free for 60 days.
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We don't hide behind any fine print or loophole.
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See for yourself why our mat is considered the best solution in the USA to eliminate insomnia.

How To Use It

Deep Sleep In Just 3 Easy Steps

Unpack & Place

Simply unroll your Vevazen mat and lay it on a flat surface, such as your bed, ready for use.

Lie Down & Relax

Gently lie back, relaxed for 20 minutes before sleeping, allowing your body to make contact with the mat’s acupressure points.

Breathe & Sleep

Take deep, calming breaths as you experience relaxation and prepare for a restful night’s sleep.

Unpack & Place

Simply unroll your Vevazen mat and lay it on a flat surface, such as your bed, ready for use.

Lie Down & Relax

Gently lie back, relaxed for 20 minutes before sleeping, allowing your body to make contact with the mat’s acupressure points.

Breathe & Sleep

Take deep, calming breaths as you experience relaxation and prepare for a restful night’s sleep.

Why is Vevazen Mat the Best Way to Relieve Insomnia?

Vevazen mat

Sleeping pills


Restorative sleep


Easy to use

Relaxes muscles and nerves

Activates the body's self-healing mechanism

Regulates seratonin levels

No side effects

Reduces cost $$$

Don't just take our word for it


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1 review


2 days ago
For years, I searched for a solution...
For years, I searched for a solution to my restless nights. Vevazen mat has been a breakthrough giving me full, uninterrupted sleep every night and leaving me refreshed in the morning. No more tossing and turning, just serene rest. I can’t recommend Vevazen enough to anyone searching for a natural sleep solution!
Date of experience: March 24, 2024



Product Page Review
Sophia Patterson

6 reviews


6 days ago
It simply works
I was skeptical after trying multiple solutions, but this mat changed my mind. It eases me into a deep sleep, and I've consistently woken up feeling ready to take on the day. No more reliance on melatonin supplements. I am so grateful to have discovered this product!!
Date of experience: February 10, 2024



Product Page Review
Robert M.

4 reviews


1 day ago
I wake up refreshed!
I place the vevazen mat under my back after dinner, and by bedtime, I’m in the perfect state of relaxation. It's been a monumental change. I feel much better, I have started sleeping well at night again. I feel regenerated and refreshed every morning
Date of experience: April 2, 2024



Rated 4.5

Facebook Comments
  • Jane Sharp

    I love mine, I've been using it for a month every day. I tried sleeping pills and therapies for my insomnia but nothing worked, until my vevazen mat came along! At first I was skeptical, I didn't believe it worked, but it has been a blessing.



Facebook Comments
  • Henry Curton

    I was skeptical when this ad first appeared on my FB. I suffer from insomnia and after lying in bed for a while, I would start to feeling anxious. If sleep didn’t come soon enough, the restlessness would become overwhelming. I needed something to help me sleep. I have been disappointed by ads on FB before and was not very sure about this mat, I even messaged someone who had commented on how effective it was. After some research, it looked authentic. Well, it is real!!! I ordered one and it took about a week to arrive. I've only been using it for a week, but it works!!! The first few times I lay down to try it out. Now I can comfortably lie down and drift off to sleep quickly!!! This is for real people!!!



Facebook Comments
  • Ashley Brown

    I bought one. I thought I was wasting money again. But when you're plagued by endless nights... you try anything. I know because I did. I was quite surprised to find that after the second night of use I was able to sleep through without restlessness. It is so calming that I drifted off effortlessly. I always use it as soon as I get into bed and right before I try to sleep. Even my partner is amazed at how rested I feel 😍 thank you thank you



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