60-Nights Supply Sleep Patches

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Natural insomnia relief: These sleep patches are infused with herbal ingredients to naturally improve insomnia and promote restful sleep wherever you are.
Convenient application: With 60 pieces of sleep stickers, you can easily apply Vevazen Patches to your body for quick relief from insomnia and stress, promoting better sleep and relaxation.
All-natural ingredients: Our insomnia relief patches contain herbal medical ingredients that are gentle on the skin, providing a safe and effective way to soothe and improve sleep quality without harsh chemicals.
Versatile use: Whether in the bedroom, office or home, these decompression patches improve sleep and are designed to help achieve a good night's rest, making them suitable for different environments and users.
Long-lasting relief: These adult patches help sleep and offer continuous relief throughout the night, providing peaceful, uninterrupted sleep for those struggling with insomnia.